Sustainable organic Austrian lark used both internally and externally gives the building a warm and natural feel

Inn The Park

London, SW1A

A regal take on the park café produces an elegant wooden structure that preserves the character of St. James’s Park.

Set in the regal surroundings of St. James’s Park, this award-winning project reimagined the park café to create an elegant contemporary wood-and-glass shelter and first-rate restaurant. The building nestles in a newly-landscaped hill, concealing the service areas when viewed from The Mall. On the other side, views towards the lake are maximised with fully-retractable glazed doors and a raised terrace with capacity for 120 dinners. Inside is room for a further 100 formal covers.


Organic Austrian Larch throughout to gives a warm ambiance. Internally the wood is oiled to retain its intense hue, but externally the cladding is untreated to allow natural weathering. Lyndon Goode Architects Founding Director Simon Goode worked alongside the project’s director for Hopkins Architects, planning the catering and bar facilities and ensuring the building’s selective visibility to make the most of the spectacular views while ensuring that the café preserves the character of the Royal Park.


Plaudits include the Civic Trust Award, The Westminster Society Award and BD Magazine’s Leisure Award.




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